... to a liberal arts blog ... it's really good to see you ... AT LAST ... May 2015

As parents, teachers and students facing the questions about and challenges of education, we tend to look forward to the next corner ... but that is not far enough. We must look to the end first to understand what lies ahead ... and then work back to the beginning ... so we can prudently plan and confidently take each step along the way to accomplishing our educational goals.

The purpose of AT LAST is to bring together individual schools at all the various stages along the journey to a liberal education ... the learning chain ... so that each can better understand and perform its own specific role ... the link it must become ... and the links it must forge with the schools that precede it and with those that will follow it ... so that the student can experience the steady, sequential learning steps that make the destination of a low cost, high quality liberal arts education achievable.

All schools are welcome to join with us, because we believe all schools benefit from engaging the liberal arts. If you doubt this, we encourage you to take a look around this blog. And if you want to join with us just leave us a comment below telling us about your school ... and how we can contact you.

de Famalia

... presents you with diverse voices from our own members or very close friends. We are not experts or authorities ... just fellow pilgrims. In that sense these blog postings are personal and experiential ... so read with patience ... then comment to edify ... and, if you can, offer to share your voice about something that is important to you. We are always heartened to hear your thoughts ... and we ARE listening.  And never fear ... when a posting disappears from the main de Familia page, it goes to the Blog Archive [on the right] ... so look for it there ... its thoughts will be glad to share their value with "whosoever will" read them in the years to come.


... encourages you to bend down and take a more careful look into wonderfully radical [from the Latin radix meaning root] things you may have seen superficially but never stopped to examine. If you have articles to share, put a link into a comment and we will review it for inclusion.


... is the heart and soul of liberal education ... the highest fruit that perennially springs from the deepest root ... which prevents all the rest we think, say and do from being merely vanity ... resounding gongs ... or clanging cymbals. We hope you catch the spirit.


... contains the curriculum vitae of those acting as an AT LAST friend or coordinator [on behalf of a member school]. They not only work together toward our common goal of promoting liberal arts learning, but they also want to help YOU to better understand how a liberal arts learning chain can benefit and be constructed for your students. Just contact them with questions ... and then give them time to get back in touch with you ... it will be worth the wait.

So there it is. Now it's up to you to listen ... think it thru ... then share your thoughts ... and help us forge the links for strong liberal arts learning chains ... at last.

tandem [Latin for ... finally ... or ... it's about time],

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