If the roots of a liberal arts education are deep and hidden, its fruits are soaring and obvious.

The Latin word animus has been variously translated as affections, bravery, character, consciousness, courage, desire, fancy, feeling, heart, imagination, inclination, intellect, judgment, meaning, memory, mettle, mind, opinion, pluck, purpose, reason, sense, sensibility, soul, spirit, temper and will ... and yet no single one of these words can do justice to the swell and swirl of feelings evoked by engaging and embracing the liberal arts.

So for those of you who want to know why some people are so excited about the liberal arts, here is a collection of thoughts by thinkers who have obviously experienced something unique ... something desirable ... and something they want to share ... and some of them have put it this way ... nascantur in admiratione ... let them be born in wonder.

Practicing Affection in the Academy
Practicing Affection in the Academy
Practicing Affection in the Academy by Robert Elder

“Only Connect...” The Goals of a Liberal Education by William Cronon

No to SATs/ACTs: Not Even Optional at Hampshire College

Will Engineers Save the Academy? by Rod Dreher

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