The foundations for liberal education are so diverse and deep that nobody can dig to the very bottom ... which is to say that nobody can ever "stand under" [or completely understand] them. Nevertheless, it is important to seek out what some have already glimpsed ... and to examine what others are discovering each day ... to be curious ... because that is the preferred posture for learning.

So in an attempt to provoke your curiosity ... so that you can learn more about a liberal education ... we will post links to materials [arranged based on their chronological claims] which we hope will, at least, enable those who thirst to take a drink ... sometimes only a drop ... sometimes deeply [even when it seems like it's coming from a fire hose]. Use the comment form below to notify us of additions you would like to make and we will look into them.

c. 430 BC
by Plato [recording the dialogues of Socrates and his friends]
Cratylus - A complete education in Grammar and Language - on the truth or correctness of Names
Gorgias -  Dialectic or Rhetoric - those who learn as well as those who believe are persuaded

c. 1400
The New Education by Petrus Paulus Vergerius

Of the education of children by Michel de Montaigne

c. 1850
by Cardinal John Henry Newman
The Idea of a University
Sermon 14. Wisdom, as Contrasted with Faith and with Bigotry

The Lost Tools of Learning by Dorothy Sayers

The Door That Fits: Rhetoric's Modes of Persuasion by Lindsey Brigham

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